Russia announces a troop withdrawal from the Kharkiv region of Ukraine

In an homage to the Queen, Prince William noted that while he lost his “Grannie,” the entire world also lost “an great leader.”

The newly crowned Prince of Wales recalled, “She was by my side throughout my most joyful days.” And when things were at their worst in my life, she was there for me.

He pledged to assist his father, the king, in any way he could in order to “honour” the memory of his grandmother.

The prince is first in line to ascend to the throne now that his father is the monarch.

The Queen passed away peacefully on Thursday at her residence in Scotland. She enjoyed the longest reign of any British monarch. Age-wise, she was 96.

Prince William stated in a press release that the world lost a wonderful leader on Thursday who was always dedicated to the nation, the realms, and the Commonwealth. There will be much discussion about how significant her reign was in history in the days to follow. But my grandma passed away.

She was by my side when I was at my happiest, he continued. When things were incredibly difficult for me, she was also there for me. Although I knew this day would come, it may take me some time before I can comprehend that living without Grannie is a reality.

The 40-year-old claimed that despite his “grieving” at the Queen’s passing, he was “very grateful” to have “benefited from The Queen’s knowledge and confidence” throughout his life.

His three children will get to spend the holidays with her and create lifelong memories, he continued.

He said, “My grandmother once taught me that the cost of love is sadness. How much we adore our lovely Queen will be the cause of all the sorrow we experience during the next weeks.

Soon after William made that statement, it was revealed that the Queen will be buried on Monday, September 19, at Westminster Abbey.

At an earlier ceremony held at St. James’ Palace in London, King Charles III was crowned.

The Proclamation was initially signed by Prince William. He took a cautious step forward, took the pen in his left hand, and signed the crucial document.

Prince William and his wife Catherine will be referred to as the Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles III said on Friday.

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