Khloe Kardashian was afraid to go online after the emotional Season 2 premiere of The Kardashians.

Last week, the second season of The Kardashians started, and it got off to a sad start because Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s second child was born via surrogate at the same time. After Tristan’s paternity was called into question at the end of the first season, Khloe told everyone about the baby.

Khloe sent a message to her Twitter followers after the premiere of the new season to thank them for their support during a hard time. She wrote, “I adore you. I’m feeling a lot of different things after reading your tweets and comments about the pilot episode.” Good American’s founder said, “I was afraid to use the internet at first, but my friends and family kept telling me how kind and helpful everyone was. I decided to try to find myself.”

Khloe said in the first episode that there was such a dark cloud over something that should have been so happy: the news of the second baby. Kardashian said that she kept the information to herself because she was afraid of how people would react if they found out.

In the show, Kim and Khloe went to the hospital to see Khloe give birth to her second child. Tristan was also seen playing with their young child. Khloe and Tristan announced in the middle of July that they were going to have their second child. On July 28, they had a son. Even though they are no longer together, the parents of True Thompson’s son and daughter are still working together.

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