Justin Haynes sets new trend with his Pre Fall Collection POME ROSÉ 

Though fashion fads come and go, some iconic people endure because of their distinctive looks and lasting influence on the runway and the fashion industry. They continue to be referred to as icons despite the decades. An influential individual who frequently dares to defy the accepted norm or standard of fashion is known as a fashion icon. Icons have influenced fashion; many individuals have embraced and imitated their looks. Personalities from a variety of areas, including sports, politics, and entertainment, can act as these fashion influences. One can learn about authentic fashion styles by looking at the fashions of well-known people like Justin Haynes. Justin Haynes stands out as a fashionpreneur who is well-known in the industry for being dubbed a “Fashion Lifestyle Icon.”

He is regarded as an epic fashion figure who expressed himself through his sense of style and the various clothes he donned. Justin Haynes has now been named the leader in fashion and style for the year 2022, and we are not astonished because his enthusiastic nature propelled him to this position. His Pre Fall Collection POME ROSÉ comprises 12 complete looks, each of which is original and unorthodox. . At NYFW, he presented all of these appearances.The guests and audience moved through and got a close-up look at each piece of clothing as the models stood in mannequin-style. Denim jackets were a prominent trend at the event and everyone noticed them. The whole event was absolutely amazing. 

On the audience, his collection had a profound effect. People were influenced to adopt this style by the fashion that is displayed in the collection. The patch is a vintage 1960s item in his collection. He transformed an old piece of cloth from one of his favourite fabric shops, “Osgoods Textiles,” into a striking crow pattern. The Burgundy Clay Denim Cozy Shirt with the Denim Jean pant satchel is the overall star of the show. The Denim Shirt dress and matching hobo bag as well as the knit trouser pants and soft fuzz sweater also generated discussion.

Check The Collection :


Show Production: The Fashion Diary Showroom
Photographer: Matthew Chiang
JUS10H Production Team: Legacy Sounds LLC

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