Before her passing, Queen Elizabeth II penned a letter. But we cannot start until 2085.

A personal letter from Queen Elizabeth II is locked away in a Sydney bank vault and won’t be accessed for another 63 years.

7NEWS Australia reports that the letter is stored in a secure location at a landmark building in Sydney. In November of 1986, she wrote it and handed it out to people all across Sydney.

According to 7NEWS Australia, the letter is held in a secure place behind glass, so not even the Queen’s personal staff knows its contents. But there is one sure thing: it won’t be accessible until the year 2085.

Please open this envelope and deliver my message to the citizens of Sydney on a day that you choose in the year 2085 A.D.” is the message to the Lord Mayor of Sydney.

The only inscription is “Elizabeth R.”

She felt a deep affection for the Land Down Under.
Over the course of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II made 16 trips to Australia.

According to a statement released by Albanese on Friday, “it was evident that Her Majesty had a special place in her heart for Australia from her remarkable first voyage to Australia,” when she was the only reigning monarch to ever go.

How special she was to us was demonstrated by her fifteen further tours in front of adoring audiences in every corner of our country,” Albanese elaborated.

According to CNN, a referendum to depose the Queen as head of state in Australia was held and ultimately failed in 1999.

On Friday night, lights were set to the iconic Sydney Opera House in recognition of the Queen.

The neighbouring Commonwealth nation of New Zealand formally installed King Charles III as its head of state on Sunday in a broadcast ceremony, as reported by CNN. And on Sunday, King Charles III of Australia became the country’s new leader. As the first new monarch in 70 years, he is making history.

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