In her first interview after the verdict, Rebekah Vardy discusses the “WAGatha Christie” case.

The infamous “WAGatha Christie” case has come up in Rebekah Vardy’s first interview since Coleen Rooney was awarded a victory.
Since Coleen made the now-famous accusation on social media in October 2019 that Rebekah’s Instagram account was the source of multiple “false articles” about her, the two footballers’ wives have been engaged in a very public battle.

Rebekah sued Coleen for libel in a trial that lasted a week in May of this year after she denied Coleen had said this.
Rebekah now insists to The Sun that she has “no regrets” about bringing the case to court despite the judge’s decision last week to decide in favour of Coleen.
She remarked, “Going to court was costly. “Court costs are high. I had no option, however. I wanted to prove my innocence. Because I was falsely accused of something, and I was quite upset about it. I do it even today. Because I am innocent, if I had to do it all over again tomorrow, I would. I’m regret-free.

Rebekah said, “That’s in the hands of the attorneys. I’m thinking about appealing the judgement. They’re going to go through the materials, and if they haven’t already had a talk among themselves, I’m sure they will shortly. But since I didn’t do it, it’s incredibly difficult. I did not do it back then, nor did I do it yesterday, nor did I do it in court, and I did not do it now. I’m a warrior, and it’s been incredibly difficult for me over the last several years to keep pushing for the truth to come out and for justice to be served.
My stomach is all over the place, so I’m not sure. Right now, we’re simply waiting for the dust to settle before going through all the information again to determine our position.

But the evidence “clearly shows, in my opinion, that Mrs Vardy knew of and approved this behaviour, actively engaging in it by directing Ms Watt to the private Instagram account, sending her screenshots of Mrs Rooney’s posts, calling attention to things that might be of interest to the press, and responding to additional questions raised by the press via Ms Watt,” she continued.
The judge made a point in her decision to denounce the abuse that the former Dancing on Ice star had experienced over the previous three years, even though she also found that Rebekah Vardy’s testimony in the trial was “manifestly contradictory” with other testimony on “many times.”

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