Britney Spears responds to her son Jayden’s comments about her mental health and his hope for peace.

In a recent Instagram post, Britney Spears addressed a comment made by her son Jayden James Federline in a planned interview that will run on Friday night. In the interview with Daphne Barak, Spears’s 15-year-old son explains to Daphne Barak why he and his brother, Sean Preston, 16 at the time, did not attend their mother’s wedding to fiancé Sam Asghari in June.

Jayden stated in the interview that he did not have any ill will against his mother and that the only reason he and his brother were unable to attend her wedding was because she had not invited the full family. Concerning her emotional well-being, he made the following remarks: “There must be a way out of this, I tell you. It’ll just take a long time and a lot of effort. All I care about is seeing a change in her mental health for the better. After she is better, I hope very much to pay her another visit “in today’s edition of The Daily Mail.

In response to his most recent interview comments, Britney wrote a lengthy open letter on Instagram. What did she say? “I hope that one day we will be able to meet face to face and have an open conversation about his disappointment in me as a mother. There is no limit to how much I care about my kids. Sweetie, maybe you can shed some light on the horrible treatment of a family member and help me understand.”

Britney referred to Kevin Federline as “their dad” in a sentence. “Helped your jobless dad out, who’s been looking for work for 15 of those years.

Since no one seems to be checking up on you, I’m guessing homework time is less of a hassle. I have no doubt that you, at the ripe old age of 15, are able to pass for a member of the coolest generation thanks to your dad’s regular marijuana smoking. After giving my all for 15 years and getting nowhere, I can totally relate to why you had to stay with your dad.”

Recent comments made by Federline about Britney’s conservatorship reveal that he is horrified by the situation but is unwilling to get involved because of his sons.

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